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Peralta District PTA encompasses all of Alameda County and is one of 28 PTA districts that make up the California State PTA. Peralta District PTA serves over 150 PTAs, about half of which are in the 4 PTA councils (of Alameda, Berkeley, Fremont, and Pleasanton) and the other half are "out of council" PTAs in the cities of Albany, Castro Valley, Hayward, Livermore, Newark, Oakland, San Leandro, San Lorenzo and Union City.

Current News 

Keep up to date!   READ THE MONTHLY NEWSLETTER that is emailed to officers, and archived on this websiteunder "newseltters".

USE OUR CALENDAR to plan ahead for important dates and events!

All 2017-18 Officers & Chairmen must be entered into PTAEZ by May 15, 2017.                                                                                                                                Everyone entered into PTAEZ will be added to the distribution list for the monthly Peralta District PTA newsletter and other PTA communications. Units who do not have officers for 2017-18 will be considered "not in good standing" and will receive a letter stating that from California State PTA in June.   
2017-18 MEMBERSHIP CARDS were distributed at the June 3rd training for out of council PTAs.
PTAs in a council will need to get their membership cards through their council
All out of council PTAs should contact membership [at] peraltadistrictpta.org to arrange to pick up their allocation of membership cards or to purchase membership envelopes (which are $15 for a box of 500).


Insurance Rates are posted as soon as California State PTA notifies us of the annual rate.
Councils and Districts: $

We want to stay in touch with you!    CONTACT INFORMATION

Contact information for officers should be done by entering information directly into PTAEZ at: www.ptaez.com

If you need another copy of the directions, please contact president [at] peraltadistrictpta.org 

Please let us know when officers change and/or when contact information changes.

VERY IMPORTANT - Received a letter from a governmental agency?

- the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), Franchise Tax Board (FTB) or Attorney General’s Office (AG) -

Please do not call the governmental entities that sent you the letters. Provide financialreports [at] peraltadistrictpta.org with a copy of the letter asap.

These agencies specifically have asked that all help requests start with California State PTA because PTA has formed working relationships with the IRS, FTB and AG and can address your PTA-specific questions.


 MEMBERSHIP ENVELOPES are available: $15 for a box of 500    

Contact membership [at] peraltadistrictpta.org to arrange to purchase a box. 
Send a check to the Peralta District PTA treasurer using the proper remittance form.  

MEMBERSHIP CARDS - are available from your council (if you are in a council) or contact membership [at] peraltadistrictpta.org to arrange to pick up yours if you are an out of council PTA.


UNITS IN COUNCIL - please use your council remittance forms

Report Due Dates

Copies of all financial reports and tax filings are to be submitted through channels to Peralta District PTA.

See  http://peraltadistrictpta.org/files/REQUIRED_PAPERWORK.pdf  for a list of what we expect to receive.

Submit your reports to Peralta District PTA by sending electronic copies  to financialreports [at] peraltadistrictpta.org    

If you need to send hard copies, please email  financialreports [at] peraltadistrictpta.org to ask for the mailing address.


Report Due By
Officer Roster By the September meeting
Annual Financial Report By the September meeting
Approved Budget By the September or October meeting
Year-End Audits By the September meeting
Copy of IRS/FTB Tax Returns By November 15th
Unit and Council RRF-1 Forms By November 15th
Workers Comp form without surcharge
(accompanies insurance form)
By December 6th
Workers Comp form with surcharge By January 15th
Mid-Year Audits By the January or February meeting
Annual Historian Reports By the May meeting

Financial Due Dates

If you are located in the following areas, you are part of a Council and must contact your Council Treasurer for due dates: Alameda, Berkeley, Fremont, and Pleasanton.             Your Council Treasurer must submit these items to Peralta by the dates below.

If you are a unit in the following areas, Albany, Castro Valley, Hayward, Livermore, Newark, Oakland, San Leandro and San Lorenzo, you must submit the items to Peralta by the due date below. Click here to download any necessary forms.



October 15

Membership Dues (Per Caps) – remit per caps for at least 30 members to qualify for "Ready Set Remit" award                                                                  (Use Peralta District PTA REMIT FORM if you are an out of council unit; remit to your council if you are in a council)

November 15

Every PTA must file three (3) tax forms by November 15 each year;  for more information see  http://peraltadistrictpta.org/files/Tax_Returns_Tax_Support_Center_Info.pdf

• IRS Forms 990EZ or 990 due to the IRS for PTAs grossing over $50,000 the previous fiscal year. IRS Form 990-N must be filed electronically by PTAs grossing under $50,000 the previous fiscal year.

• FTB Form 199 due to the FTB (State of California) for PTAs grossing over $50,000 the previous fiscal year. FTB Form 199-N must be filed electronically be PTAs grossing under $50,000 the previous fiscal year.

• Attorney General form RRF-1 due to Attorney General's office.

First required remittance of membership dues (per caps); Every PTA must remit 15 members to remain a "unit in good standing".
(Use Peralta District PTA REMIT FORM if you are an out of council unit; remit to your council if you are in a council)

November 30

Insurance Premiums due to remain a "unit in good standing" and retain PTA charter.

     Insurance Late Fee of $25 applies to Insurance Premiums not received to date.

Worker's Compensation Annual Payroll Report due for those who made no payments to independent contractors.



January 15
Worker's Compensation Annual Payroll Report  and any required Insurance surcharges due to Peralta District PTA.


March 16

June 15

Mid-Year Audits

Last day for Peralta District PTA to receive "per capita" to be counted for this year.


Although not a PTA deadline, TAX FORMS ARE DUE NOVEMBER 15th for any PTA with a fiscal year that ends on June 30 (which is all of the PTAs in Peralta District PTAs). The IRS does send penalty letters to those not filing. Please contact Peralta District immediately upon receiving such correspondence from the IRS and provide a copy of the communication to financiareports [at] peraltadistrictpta.org  For more information on who must file, see Tax Information

Additional Due Dates

The following are due dates for receipt by Peralta District for various awards and events.

December TBD

Reflections entries due to District Reflections Chair
Turn-In: 6-8PM, Alameda County Of Education Bldg.

January TBD
Reflections Awards Ceremony
Location TBA
February 1
Senior Scholarships and SPOTLIGHT Awards
March 1
Hearst Award
May 15
Contact info for new officers due in PTAEZ
May 15

Annual Reports due to District Historian

Please Note: These deadlines are for councils and out-of-council units only. Units in a council must follow their council deadlines so that their council can meet these Peralta deadlines. Any other deadlines mentioned in mailings from State and National PTA are deadlines for districts, not for units and councils.



The TOOLKIT is the resource guide / manual of the California State PTA.  It is available at http://toolkit.capta.org/    It can be downloaded or searched on the website. The Toolkit is available in both English and SPanish and may be available from the California State PTA office.

For more information on running your PTA, please consult the web site, beginning with http://capta.org/pta-leaders/run-your-pta/  and then checking the vaious menu items in the left hand column of that page.


District and Council Officers

For a list of Peralta District officers and Council presidents, please visit the Officers page.

Council Web Sites

Berkeley Council PTA
Fremont Council PTA
Pleasanton Council PTA


PTA Web Sites

Peralta District PTA:  www.peraltadistrictpta.org  
California State PTA:   www.capta.org 
National PTA:   www.pta.org  

Website Questions or Problems? E-mail the webmaster at: webmaster [at] peraltadistrictpta.org.