101 Ways to Increase Membership
12 Things to Do or Know
2017-18 Calendar for PTAs with Due Dates and Tasks
Aug. 2016 Training flyer & registration form
Convention Grant for 2018
June 3 2017 Training REGISTRATION flier
Letter of Determination
PTA Structure
PTAEZ Grant Application
Annual Financial Report

Sample Annual Financial Report for Units.

Annual Historian's Report for Councils

Councils submit the Council Annual Historian Report Form to Peralta District PTA.

Annual Historian's Report for Units

Out-of-Council Units submitting the Unit Annual Historian Report Form directly to the Peralta District PTA President. Units in Council send two copies to your own Council Historian.

Annual Historian's Summary Report for Units
Audit Checklist
Audit Report
Bylaws Cover Sheet

This downloadable pdf document is the Unit Bylaws Information Summary which directs your attention to the most important sections of the bylaws that may require revision

CAPTA Resources
CAPTA Resources and Subscriptions
Cash Verification Form

All units should be using the Cash Verification Form for keeping track of PTA funds. The money should be counted by two people who then sign the form. The financial secretary (or treasurer) then signs the form when she/he receives the money. All PTA funds should be deposited in the bank immediately or by the next business day.

Excess Bond Application

If units/councils/districts wish to purchase addition Bonding Insurance which increases the amount of coverage to $50,000, they may do so by completing the Excess Bond Application.

Honorary Service Award nomination form
IRS forms 990, 990/EZ and Schedule A, FTB form 199

For PTAs with gross income over $50,000 the previous fiscal year. For PTAs with fiscal year ending June 30th, the filing date is November 15th. Gross income is EVERYTHING deposited into your bank account including interest but not including transfers from a savings account and per caps / Founders Day receipts passed on to Council or District PTA. This is why separation of dues into the unit portion and the council/district/State portion is very important. Access and go to Resources - Forms and Publications.

PTA Glossary
PTA Resources
Reflections Entry Form
Roster of Officers

Please fill out and return this report as soon as elections have been held. If there is a vacancy, a second report can be sent after the additional election/appointment. Please send this report to the current Peralta District PTA president.

RRF-1 Form
Volunteer Hour Tally Worksheet
Workers Compensation Report

This report is due to the State PTA by January 31st of each year. Please allow enough time for it to be sent through council and district channels. All PTAs with employee/contractor salaries on W2 or 1099-MISC forms or neither over $1,000 must compute the additional Workers Comp remittance amount and remit it along with the base premium established each October. Remittances received after December 20th by the State PTA must include the $25.00 late fee.