Membership Overview

MEMBERSHIP ENVELOPES are available: $15 for a box of 500    

Contact membership [at] to arrange to purchase a box. Send a check to the Peralta District PTA treasurer using the proper remittance form.  

MEMBERSHIP CARDS - are available from your council (if you are in a council) or contact membership [at] to arrange to pick up yours if you are an out of council PTA.

The primary reason for developing membership in the PTA is to build an informed team of individuals to work on behalf of all children and youth. Enrolling members in the PTA is a year-long activity that is carried out by a membership committee.  The committee plans, implements, and evaluates the membership campaign following the guidelines of the National PTA and California State PTA.

A growing membership is an indication that your PTA is valued by your community.  Membership numbers are a way to measure:

    • How many people know about us
    • How many people feel that PTA meets their needs
    • How many people value what we do and have to offer
    • How strong and relevant we are as an association

Many of the benefits of membership are detailed on the California State PTA website and the National PTA website

In addition to increasing membership, the campaign should make the public aware of the resources that the PTA offers to parents, educators, and members of the community who work, in large and small ways, to secure a nurturing, healthy environment for children, and strengthen the PTA voice so that policy makers in all areas, at all levels will hear a strong, unified message on behalf of children, youth, and families.

Be sure to make your invitation to join PTA inclusive of all in your community. Publicize PTA and the projects of the organization as a whole to ensure that PTA is a visible presence in your school community. Ask yourselves, does our school community understand the value of the organization and the benefits of being involved with an advocacy organization like PTA? Do they know what value our PTA brings to our school

Any individual who subscribes to the Purposes and basic policies of the PTA becomes a member upon payment of dues to a PTA or PTSA unit. Students can be members at any PTA but must be actively included in a PTSA. Each member receives an official membership card from the unit. The membership card issued shows that the dues paid to the unit include membership in the California State PTA and National PTA and expires on October 31 annually.

Each PTA is separate from any other PTA and gives special services to a specific group of children. Members having children in more than one school may pay dues to support the PTA or youth in each child's school. (See Toolkit– Membership)

Please check the website of the California State PTA for further information about membership.

Membership Information and Tools

Membership Ideas Packet
101 Ways to Increase Membership    from National PTA

2017-18 E-Card Merge File
Membership Roster Spreadsheet

Microsoft Word Mail Merge Instructions

Due Dates

Membership due dates to Peralta District PTA:

  • October 15th: 30 members for "Ready Set Remit" award
  • November 15th: 15 members to remain in good standing with the State PTA
  • March 1st: Membership for recognition at State Convention
  • June 15th: Final remittance for the fiscal year.


Membership Perks or Benefits

Members Benefits from California State PTA
Members Benefits from National PTA

Membership Cards and Membership Envelopes

Membership cards are free and every member deserves one. It is their proof of membership. A membership card entitles its bearer to a ballot for a PTA election. Applicants for PTA scholarships and grants must provide a copy of their membership card. A membership card is required to register for the California State PTA convention.

Membership cards are generally available sometime between the end of June and mid August. Each PTA unit receives membership cards in proportion to their membership the previous year. Additional cards can be requested once per capita has been remitted.

Units in a council will receive their allocation of membership cards from their council PTA. 

Out-of-council PTAs will receive their allocation of membership cards directly from Peralta District PTA. The Peralta District PTA newsletter or other electroinic communication will provide details on how a PTA can get their cards.

Contact membership [at]  to arrange to get your cards or to request additional cards

Electronic membership cards (E-cards) have been offered in past years in addition to hard copy cards. An E-card is an image of your membership card that lives on your smart phone or tablet, just like any picture, or they can be printed out by the member to whom the E-card is sent. E-cards are requested by PTA units (both in council and out-of-council units) through a survey and are accompanied by information on their use and directions.

ENVELOPES: Membership envelopes can be purchased - $15 for a box of 500 - from either your council (if you are in a council) or directly from the district PTA if you are an out-of-council PTA.     It is not required that a PTA use our envelopes; many PTA units create their own fliers that invite people to join the PTA.

Distributing Membership Cards to members

Membership cards can be distributed to your members in a variety of ways.

  • During registration - when members join, they get their cards right away
  • At Back-to-School night - when members join, they get their cards right away
  • After dues are paid using envelopes, cards are distributed in Weekly Folders
  • Cards can be mailed to the members' homes

Whenever your parents are congregated en mass, your membership chairman or committee should set up a table, collect dues, and give out membership cards.

Encourage your teachers to join! The "T" in PTA stands for teachers. You need their physical and moral support to carry out your objectives. Your principal and other administrators and staff should also be members. Enthusiasm is contagious!  Providing teachers information on the Continuing Education Grant that is available from California State PTA is a good incentive for them to join but note that the deadline for applying for that grant is October 15th.



Membership Dues and the PTA Structure

All members of the California State PTA belong to a unit and are represented by:

  • A council (if applicable);
  • A district PTA (if applicable);
  • California State PTA; and
  • National PTA.

A council is a group of PTA units within a District PTA organized under the authority of the California State PTA.

Annual membership dues include per capita dues to the council (if in council), district PTA, California State PTA, and National PTA. The remaining portion stays in the unit. Dues may differ in amount in each PTA and are listed in the local unit PTA's bylaws. Changing the amount of unit dues requires a revision of the unit's bylaws.

Per each unit's bylaws, per capita dues must be submitted through channels to the district by November 15th to remain a unit in good standing.

The portion of dues paid to a unit that is specified in the bylaws as due the council (if in council), district PTA, California State PTA and National PTA, known as "per capita dues," does not belong to the unit but must be forwarded through channels at the completion of the enrollment month and by the first of each month thereafter.

Per the bylaws for every PTA unit (Article XI), and the California State PTA Toolkit, a local association (unit PTA) in good standing is one which:

  • adhers to the purposes and basic policies of the PTA
  • pays dues to and actively supports all branches of the National and California State PTA
  • remits annual insurance premiums by dates designated, and
  • is comprised of not less than fifteen (15) members, of whom three shall serve in the offices of president, secretary and treasurer, respectively; and
  • complies with the legal filing requirements of state and federal government agencies
  • reviews their bylaws yearly and has them approved every three years according to the procedures of the California State PTA.



Please read more about membership awards on the website of the California State PTA.

What Dues Provide

The Unit PTA Level
Administrative Reimbursement: Officers and Chairmen
Convention Delegates
Emergency Student Assistance
Newsletters, Web site, Print and Electronic notices
Organizational Expenses
Parent Education, Study Groups
Program Booklets
School/Student Projects

The Council PTA Level
Administrative Reimbursement: Officers and Chairmen
Community Projects
Convention Delegates
Emergency Student Assistance
Leadership Training
Newsletters, Web site, Print and Electronic notices
Forwarding of payments through channels

The District PTA Level
Administrative Reimbursement: Officers and Chairmen
Convention Delegates
Emergency Student Assistance
Leadership Training and Projects
Newsletter, Web site, Print and Electronic notices
Reimbursement: Officers, Chairs
Workshops and Conferences

The State PTA Level
Administrative Reimbursement: Officers, Chairmen
California State PTA Convention
California State PTA Offices in Los Angeles and Sacramento
California State PTA Toolkit
Electronic Notices and Communications
National PTA Convention Delegates
Newsletter (PTA in California)
Publications and Supplies
Reimbursement: officers, chairmen, legislation advocates, commissioners
Service Mailing
Special Projects

The National PTA Level
Administrative Reimbursement: Officers, Chairmen
Electronic Notices and Communication
Field Services
Legislative Offices: Washington D.C.
Magazine (Our Children)
National PTA Convention
National PTA Headquarters: Washington DC
Reimbursement: officers, chairs, and legislative committee
Resources / Publications
Special Projects